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HughesNet Satellite Internet

HughesNet Satellite Bandwidth Internet Provider

High-Speed Internet Service via Hughes Satellite

HughesNet, formally known as DIRECWAY Satellite Internet, is bringing high speed internet to those who previously thought they were stuck with slow dial-up. Now everyone in the continental United States can experience Satellite Internet at lightning fast speed via satellite internet service for their home or business.

Join the millions already connected to HughesNet Satellite Internet today. Installation occurs in an average of 2 days, some even installed the same day by professional nationwide installers.

Get $100 Mail-In Rebate* when you order HughesNet Satellite Internet with the Purchase* payment options. For a limited time, customers who purchase a new HughesNet satellite system and activate a new HughesNet service account with the Purchase* payment option are eligible for an online discount. Offer valid on Purchase* option with HughesNet Satellite Internet service plans and expires soon.

Current HughesNet Satellite Internet Specials include:

  • Free satellite expert advice by phone on high speed internet options in your area from trained satellite internet specialists.
  • Amazing fast Satellite Internet speed with download speeds from 1000 Kbps all the way up to 10 Mbps.
  • HughesNet Satellite Internet Free Standard Installation with the Purchase* Payment option.
  • HughesNet Satellite Internet Flexible payment options, 2 choices for paying: Lease or Purchase!

What is HughesNet Satellite Internet?

HughesNet Satellite Internet is among the largest rural satellite internet providers in the nation. Commonly referred to as the following spellings: Hughes Net, Huges Net, or HugesNet, HughesNet is a broadband satellite internet service provider utilizing two-way satellite systems - very secure, very fast, very reliable, and now more cost effective than ever. Two-way satellite service is different than your satellite TV dish, which is one-way and only receives TV signals. Hughes Net satellite dishes both receive and send signals, download and upload. Download speeds range from 1000 Kbps - 10.0 Mbps rather than the slow dial-up downloads. This incredibly fast difference is why HughesNet is the leader in satellite internet service! Learn more about How HughesNet Satellite Internet Works.

How does HughesNet Satellite Internet work?

HughesNet Satellite Internet delivers high-speed internet via satellite - not over your telephone line - so you can surf and talk on the phone at the same time. A professional certified HughesNet Satellite Internet installer will connect your computer to a satellite modem and configure it to communicate with the Hughes satellite. The satellite is typically mounted on the roof of your home but can also be pole-mounted. The satellite Internet dish sends and receives information such as email, Web pages, files, MP3's and Videos all over the Internet and delivers it your computer almost instantly!

HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans

HughesNet Satellite Internet offers three service plans to meet a variety of needs with downloads speeds of up to 10 Mbps. Hughes Satellite Internet also offers 2 different ways to pay: Purchase and Lease. Purchase is a higher cost when your system is installed and a lower monthly payment. Leasing option is $99 to get installed and an additional $9.99 a month to rent the equipment. With the HughesNet Home service plans you can surf the Internet at super-fast speeds or manage a small business from home.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Email Defense: Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Protection

HughesNet Satellite Internet Email Defense offers improved anti-spam and virus protection for all HughesNet (@HughesNet.com) email accounts. Email Defense protects all HughesNet Satellite Internet email accounts against unwanted emails (spam) and other email security threats such as computer viruses, worms, and phishing attacks while making the subscribers email experience hassle free. HughesNet Satellite Internet Email Defense is free and included with every HughesNet Satellite Internet email account.

Why Should I get HughesNet Satellite Internet?

Not only because HughesNet Satellite Internet offers high speed internet via satellite technology at fast speeds and affordable pricing. Now is the perfect time to get in on this new lower price for select plans!

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